Anne’s Design Philosophy

Form is defined by function. Style or taste come much, much later. 

As a garden designer I listen first, think next, design last and then, listen again. I am attentive to your needs and wishes and base my ideas on the specificity of each site and owner. I dig into my gardening experience to come up with appropriate and functional design and create convenient areas for play, relaxing, entertaining, food growing and privacy. I draw on my European heritage and my extensive knowledge of arts and culture to find a garden style appropriate for every property and its owners. I share my love for the wit and the unexpected in gardens because they bring laughter, lightness, tranquility and a sense of enchantment that we so much need in this world of ours.

I design outdoor spaces to invite you to connect with nature through all five senses:  sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Gardens that are designed to be aesthetically pleasing all year round (and that change and renew throughout the year) and give you a sense of privacy. Gardens that smell good when you open the front door or step on some ground cover. Gardens that include “potager” or edible plants for tasting pleasures and medicinal purposes. And gardens that, with contrasting textures and the help of wind and rain, bring familiar natural sounds to the forefront of outdoor enjoyment or shelter you from external noises. Whether the plan is a formal garden or a modest potager, colours, fragrances, textures and forms are used to promote beauty, health and comfort.