Trees grow big and can live hundred of years. It is therefore of primary importance to plant them correctly as improper planting practice – as well as poor species selection or inadequate location – can be very costly down the road. What takes a few hours at the planting stage and the structural pruning stage will require hours of costly work and equipment once the tree reaches a mature stage. We cannot emphasize enough the great investment it is to tend to trees at a very early stage.



It is not possible to make  a big old (often neglected) tree into a healthy small one. It is possible to RENOVATE trees that have been left unattended for years and bring more light and protection, if it is done over the course of a few years. Landscapers telling you the opposite are selling you a big costly fantasy. 



In May 2014, the City of Vancouver amended the Protection of Trees Bylaw  restricting the removal of trees to diseased, damaged, dead or hazardous ones. Property owners are not allowed to remove one tree a year anymore and any removal (any trunk wider than 20 cm at 1.4 m of height) is subject to an arborist assessment and a permit. In short, trees are here to stay and we better take care of them properly. A tree in a wide open space or in a forest does not need any care. In a city where it competes for space with buildings, underground utilities and people like us, or is often stressed by unnatural conditions, trees need to be monitored, properly pruned, sometimes fertilized and given the necessary space to grow.

We are very happy to recommend trades whom we work with concerning large tree work or tree removals. At Garden Touch, we do not climb trees but we use orchard ladders up to 4m height.